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Liberty Music Academy's Band Program is an opportunity for young musicians to create music of all genres together for the long haul! Band members will meet for a pre-determined number of weeks consecutively to rehearse and grow together as a cohesive unit, learn how to read & write charts, and take home all the rehearsal etiquette along with performance tips & tricks. After rehearsing with their LMA band mentor, they will have the chance to perform what they've been working on at our Rock Band Showcase hosted by local venues in and around Nashville. Extra gigs will be offered throughout each session depending on how quickly the band is coming together & availability. 

Because the success of our student bands relies so heavily on the long-term commitment of each student, tuition in full is required up front - having even just one student leave mid-session has the potential to halt the progress of every other band member. To participate in one of our bands, you must be able to commit to at least 7 rehearsals along with the Rock Band Showcase.
Our band program is for intermediate to advanced students ages 18 and below. All band members must be enrolled in private one-on-one lessons while participating in our band program, either at LMA or at another program, and have a letter of recommendation from their teacher. Our band program is open to ALL GENRES. Parents, please understand that band members are expected to practice and prepare their parts BEFORE rehearsal each week during their one-on-one lessons as this is a group music experience requiring diligent practice at home.

~$195/month per band member* (entire tuition for each session is paid up front)

*Includes all rehearsal & Rock Band Showcase fees per band member. Rock Band Showcases are subject to be ticketed based on venues and associated fees. These fees apply to ALL attendees (not including band members).Extra gigs offered to bands are subject to additional fees not covered by tuition, including band member & attendee fees.



- electric or acoustic guitar 🎸
- piano 🎹
- drums 🥁
- bass 🎸
- lead vocals 🎤

*additional instruments may be considered depending on interest!



Weekly rehearsals are 90 minutes long @ LMA.

For more info on Liberty Music Academy, please visit our website at

Student Band Program

  • Full amount of Rock Band Tuition is due upon registration. Cancel at any time up to 7 days before each session's 1st rehearsal and receive a full refund. Cancellations occurring within 7 days after each session's 1st rehearsal, due to student negligence, conflict, or any other unforeseen circumstance, will result in 50% refund. No credit or refunds will be provided for cancellations made after each session's 2nd rehearsal. LMA reserves the right to remove any student from their band program at any time on grounds of inappropriate or insubordinate behavior with no refund or credit.

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