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30 Minute (Prorated) Lessons @ LMA


For 60 minute lessons, please set quantity to two (2)


Please enroll only ONE student per order

30 Minute (Prorated) Lessons @ LMA

Price Options
30 Minute Lessons
$35.00every month until canceled
    • Your payment reserves a weekly time slot on a month-to-month basis for private lessons. Once a month, each of our students meets for one 60-minute Performance Class, which takes the place of their private lesson that week. Tuition is paid in full at the top of each month via our online Tuition Portal (which can be found on our website). New students MUST set up their tuition subscription at the top of their first full month of lessons, and from that point forward tuition will be withdrawn automatically. If a student is joining LMA mid-month, a prorated tuition invoice will be sent via email. Until tuition is received, LMA teachers will NOT provide any instruction. All tuition payments are non-refundable. A one-time $30 New Student Registration Fee is required for all new LMA families.
    • Should a student need to cancel a lesson, a minimum of 24 HOURS' WRITTEN NOTICE must be given to LMA to be eligible to book a makeup lesson time through our online Bookings page. There are no makeups offered for missed Performance Classes, Recital Prep Classes, or Group Classes. Once scheduled, makeup lessons cannot be rescheduled or made up. Informing your teacher

      individually does not count as written notice. Lessons missed without 24 hours written notice are considered "no shows" and are not eligible for a makeup or refund. If not used, makeup credits expire 2 months after the original lesson time/day and at that time are no longer eligible to be made up or refunded. To see a summary of your available makeup credits, simply enter your student’s full name into our online “Upcoming Lessons” page.

      Any of the following counts as written notice to LMA:
      - Booking a new day/time through our online makeup calendar at least 24 hours in advance - Sending us an email to
      - Calling/texting us at (615) 461-5925

    • Notice before the 1st of the month is required if a student wishes to discontinue lessons. If the student gives notice of the discontinuation of lessons after the 1st of the month, the student will be charged an additional two weeks’ tuition. All other collected funds will be refunded if necessary.

      Please Note: If payments are discontinued at any time, for any reason, even with the intent of returning, your weekly time slot will NOT be reserved, regardless of any plans to re-enroll in the future. If payments are discontinued at any time, then returning students will be subject to any updated studio availability at the time of their re-enrollment.

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