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3 0 or 60 minute lessons


3 0 or 60 minute lessons


3 0 or 60 minute lessons


3 0 or 60 minute lessons


3 0 or 60 minute lessons

Cassidy gephart
CO-OWNER & Founder

Cassidy Gephart holds a Bachelor of Music from Belmont University in Commercial Music with an emphasis in piano performance. Along with her most recent instruction in jazz and other popular styles, she has a background and extensive training in classical music. She is dedicated to providing an enjoyable, formative experience and instilling a love for music in all of her students.

Cassidy Gephart - Piano Teacher

CO-OWNER & founder

Arianna Hume earned her degree in Commercial Voice & Music Technology from Belmont University. Thanks to her extensive private lesson history, her experiences as a freelance singer and session vocalist, and her teaching background, Arianna now has a very well-rounded approach to teaching voice. In her studio, she strives to create a unique environment where each student is given the freedom to realize their potential and explore their own instrument, building the foundation needed to become a competent musician.



Ryan has been cultivating his craft as a musician since first picking up the guitar at age 9. Now, with a degree in Commercial Guitar from Belmont University, he has over a decade of experience in live performance, studio recording, and private music education. Ryan's goal in lessons is to provide each of his students with a well-rounded and comprehensive knowledge of not just their instrument, but music-making and playing in general.


Thomas Altman

Thomas began his electric and upright bass career at the age of 9. After receiving his degree in Commercial Electric Bass from Belmont University, Thomas went on to become the Contemporary Music & Vanguard Director at Battle Ground Academy, a private college-prep school located in Franklin, TN. Aside from providing music education at the highest level to WilCo students, Thomas is also involved with a few local bands and artists around Nashville. 


Katherine loiselle

Originally from Chicago, Katherine moved to Nashville in 2013 to attend Belmont University for Commercial Music Performance and has been singing and teaching locally and nationally ever since. Besides traveling around the country with numerous artists, Katherine also maintains a seasonal residency at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island as their orchestra’s lead vocalist. She has worked with students of all ages, teaching both in a classroom and private environment, and recently received her level 1 and level 2 certification in Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method.


Ian mannino

Utilizing his Bachelor of Music from Belmont University, Ian Mannino specializes in commercial piano performance, film composition, and music production. With over a decade of experience on stages and screens across the country, Ian believes there is no greater feeling than performing. Hoping to share the experience that is music, Ian strives to teach his students to never stop learning, always have fun, and to challenge themselves wherever they can.