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About us

A different approach to music education


Liberty Music Academy was founded in 2018 by musicians Cassidy Gephart and Arianna Hume with the intention of creating a different type of lesson experience for students. With an emphasis on musicality, self-confidence, creativity, and collaboration, today LMA teachers use each lesson and group opportunity to help their students reach their true potential in whatever musical avenue they choose to pursue - as performers, songwriters, composers, arrangers, etc.

Lessons at Liberty Music Academy are the total package for the aspiring musician, no matter what age or skill level. Regardless of what instrument path you choose, LMA lessons encompass all of the fundamentals of music, including but not limited to rhythm reading, ear training, music theory, sight reading, and much, much more. 


Liberty Music Academy is committed to providing students with ample opportunities to play in front of their peers. At monthly performance classes, students explore stage presence techniques, realize how to give and receive constructive criticism, and begin to build their own musical community. Students at LMA are not simply individuals taking private lessons, they are musicians growing alongside other music makers, partaking in collaboration and creativity together.


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